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Stuart Gentry

Stuart was born December 9, 1950 in Kansas City, MO to Donna (Hobbs) Gentry and Richard Nelson Gentry.  Stuart was raised by his Grandparents Enoch N. and Sarena Gentry.    He attended University of Missouri in Columbia, and then returned to KC and worked as a bartender at Kelly's in Westport for 15 years.  Subsequently he opened his own restaurant, the Daily Limit in Red Bridge, which he ran for 16 years.  Stuart passed away on April 8, 2010, after apparently taking his own life.  He is survived by his wife Bonita and three stepsons.  He will be missed by his many friends.

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04/12/10 08:12 AM #1    

Donnie Bowerman

Bruce G. said he saw you at the 40th Reunion Friday night...I'm sorry I didn't. He called me last night to say you'd passed suddenly. You will be missed by many, of course, but what a real reunion it must have been for you on August 8th. Until...

04/12/10 11:35 AM #2    

Janis Browne (Fuller)

I spoke and laughed with Stuart at the Friday night event
while touring the halls of Southwest. He was with his friends having a great time. I have been to his bar a few times, and he always made the effort to come over and talk with us. He was just a very likable person.

I know he will be missed by his family and friends. Someday, we'll have a reunion in Heaven...

04/12/10 12:02 PM #3    

Jane Nichols

I remember having 7th Grade-Border Star dancing lessons in the gym- Stuart was assigned to be my partner. He wore 'Beatle' angle high boots-which made him ultra cool. He was a much better dancer than I. I felt like I always watched him after that; it connected us. I am very sorry to hear that he has passed. Many blessings to Stuart and his family.

04/12/10 01:21 PM #4    

Robert Gold

Stuart was always a fun loving easy going guy to be around not only back in the day but the few times I had a chance to visit with him since.

My condolensces to the Gentry family and his wife.


04/12/10 05:24 PM #5    

Barbara Redmond (Stout)

I remember Stuart from Border Star through 1969 graduation. He always was a gentleman. So sorry to hear of his passing; my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

04/13/10 09:20 AM #6    

Mike Ward

Me memories of Stu Gentry go back to Border Star. I talked to Manbeck yesterday afternoon and we discussed and reflected on Stu. I never remember Stu without a smile on his face. A few years back, Tom Morgan was in town for his mother's BDAY. We were on our way to play golf and I surprised Tom by dropping by the Daily Limit on our way out. I told Tom we were going to see an old friend. When we walked in, Stu was standing by the bar. I walked up to him and asked him if he used to be Stu Gentry. He showed that quick smile kind of wondering who in the hell had just walked into his place. I quickly told him who I was and then I turned to Tom and asked Stu if he could figure out who Tom was. Tom's a tad bigger than he was the last time they had seen each other and I finally told Stu he was looking at Tom Morgan. For the next few minutes, we had a great visit. This past Decemeber, Bill Rainen, Dave Garrison and I had lunch at the Daily Limit. When we walked in, I got Stu's attention and told him the Three Amigos had just arrived. He spent a few minutes visitng with us as we had our meal. His smile never left his face. When we left, we told him we would see him soon.

04/16/10 04:05 AM #7    

Bruce Greenbaum

Just prior to our 40th reunion last August, Jim Buzalas and I stopped by to see Stu at his bar, and give him stern notice from Mike Ward, that if he failed to show up for the reunion, that Ward was going to come out to his bar personally and kick his ***! He told us he would be there, and he was. I got to visit with him briefly at the reunion, and it was great seeing him. He invited me to come see him again at his bar, The Daily Limit. I'll bet many of you never knew that the name of his bar was part of his fishing lore. Stu was an avid fisherman. Iam as well. My only regret, was that I didn't find this out until he died. I'm sure he's wrestling the biggest bass ever up there. I also remember Stu for his generosity, and his hugh smile whenever he saw someone. The day we went into his bar, he was ever-so-friendly, and made it a point to make us both feel at home.May his memory forever be a blessing. He will be greatly missed by all.

04/16/10 04:03 PM #8    

Chris Cooper

From kindergarten through Border Star to Southwest High and then as roommates that first year at the University of Missouri, I always felt it was a bit of a blessing to have been the best of friends with Stuart. We were inseparable as young kids, whether during a weekend at his grandparents' building model cars, in front of the TV, or out at the horse farm on hot summer days walking the pastures, swimming in the pond or baling hay in the fields.

Gentle memories of a good and gentle man. Rest in peace, Stuart.

04/22/10 07:45 AM #9    

Hires Gage

I was deeply saddened when my brother called and told me about Stuart.  Our lives had taken us in different directions over the last twenty years, but in my mind we remained good friends.  A few vivid memories come to mind. 

Like many, my recollections of Stuart extend back to Border Star.  Both of our Grandfathers had farms.  When Stuart and I were in the same class, we were always in competition raising our hands to tell the teacher and our classmates about "my Grandfather's farm" and how neat is was.

One day in the late fall of 1979, shortly after I had moved back to KC and taken a job as an associate vet at Fairway Animal Hospital, I heard a strange racket coming from the reception area.  I ran up front to find Stuart and Bobby Willits all decked out in duck hunting garb blowing duck calls.  They suggested that I should immediately leave work and accompany them to Mound City to hunt.  I was surprised when that my boss said OK and off we we went.  That hunt was the first of many Stuart, Bobby and I enjoyed together.

Stuart had a wonderful Golden Retriever named (appropriately) "Suds".  He was not only a great dog to be around, but the best hunting Golden I've ever been with.  Stuart and "Suds" adored each other.  Stuart treated him as his best friend.

Finally, Stuart had a great sense of humor and a unique expression when he was happy and laughing.  When he looked at you, his eyes were wide open and his expression projected an appeal for you to laugh loudly with him.  That memory is indelible now and one I will try to hang on to always.     

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