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Becky McCarty (Fisk)

Becky McCarty (Fisk)

Becky passed away on 4/23/14 after a three year battle with brain cancer.  Becky lived in St. Louis with her husband Randy at the time of her death.  Becky loved working with Boy Scouts and doing interior design.  She was an avid golfer.  She leaves behind her husband Randy, and her two children Andy and Laurie. Condolences can reach her family through her sister Francie at or her husband Randy at

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04/24/14 09:18 PM #1    

Sue Lyddon (Hall)

Becky and I used to walk to school together...and believe me it was a long walk, especially in the winter!  We had a great time doing so.  I also really enjoyed having Becky as an always positive and cheerful colleague on the Jr. Varsity and Varsity Cheerleading squads.  She was a great, upbeat and fun-loving friend.  I will miss her.

04/25/14 06:59 AM #2    

Bill Caughron

Although I didn't know Becky personally it's always sad to hear of another of our classmates passing. a reminder of our short time here on planet Earth. May she rest in peace and be in the memories of her many friends and family. Prayers to all who knew her and to all her formers classmates at our beloved Southwest High School class of 1969.                                                   Respectfully, Bill Caughron

04/25/14 08:49 AM #3    

Jane Nichols

Special energy that girl. I never knew her to be cynical , always smiling and ready to tell or listen to a joke or playfully prank.- laughing more than most- what a bright face, internal strength and a huge heart. Why she had to leave early, I do not understand. Becky was easy to love.   My thought is she is organizing something fun already on the other side...  a  hike ,  a dinner, some get together where all of her loved ones who have gone before her will rally around her and just laugh, play and have fun. My love goes out to her family and friends who know that her loss cannot be measured but simply know that she is regained her strength, glory, intelligence , and love and is laughing, smiling and spreading love just like always.


04/25/14 01:35 PM #4    

Michael Makredes

So hard to hear of another passing of a classmate. We pray for our Lord to comfort her family. May her memory be eternal!

04/26/14 12:56 AM #5    

Peter Klammer

I miss Becky already; I was planning on seeing her again this fall.

We saw the Byrds together, when -- I still can't figure out how or why -- they performed for an evening dance in a high school gym somewhere on the Kansas side. Our only date ... we never got close, and I think I was still so awkward then as to be more amusing than, well, a good date. But I admired her then and now for being such a good sport with me.

I still can't believe it -- it was the Byrds, man, the real, Eight Miles High, Hey Mr. Tambourine Man actual Byrds! Playing for a Shawnee Mission high-school dance!

I most remember Becky as a member -- maybe the center of -- a little bunch of girls that I mooned over in my pre-drivers-licence years. Becky, Karen, Katherine, Sue. I dunno, I've probably got it a bit wrong, who the group really was -- see? I forgot Janet; I must be blocking another story -- but I just remember seeing them together, and being charmed that they could deflect my attempts at attention without ever offending me. But I remember Becky with the biggest smile, the first to laugh.

Gotta stop now before I get weepy.

Love and Best Hopes,


04/28/14 07:24 PM #6    

Janet Peter (Seipel)

I was always Becky's sidekick. Even though we went separate ways after high school, I will always cherish my memory of her as one of my very best friends.  I am truly saddened by her loss.

04/29/14 02:49 PM #7    

Becky Leonard (Hyder)

Becky was a dear friend.   We were friends at Southwest, but became best of friends while attending the University of Missouri.  Becky was always a ray of sunshine.  She was always smiling, always happy, and always had good things to say about everyone.  She brightened the lives of all those around her.

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