In Memory

Ruth Shifrin

March 29, 1966

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09/23/15 09:11 AM #23    

Karel Kerschenbaum

Is there a memorial to the boys killed in the accident at the Ward Parkway fountain?

09/23/15 09:29 AM #24    

Karel Kerschenbaum

Would you visit a memorial to the ones lost? How many go the cemetery like I do? How many have been to Ruthie`s grave since her death?

09/23/15 04:34 PM #25    

Vicki Hermann (Mayea)

I don't live in town anymore. Haven't for 40 years. Thanks for the news about Bingham. When I was in Columbia last summer I bought a George Caleb Bingham book of paintings. 

I'm curious, did something happen in town that brought up Ruth's case? Just wondering why we're hearing all this now.

09/23/15 08:23 PM #26    

Margo Aldridge

when Sue began this website, I asked if Ruth's name could be put here. That was some six years ago.  I had been to the cemetery where she is and felt that even though she never attended Southwest with us from Bingham, she was still a part of our class from Bingham in spirit.  Sue Lyon Hall agreed and Ruthie's name has been there since.  There has only been a lot of comments in just the last month.  Ruth meant a great deal to a number of people.  It was important her name be listed.  I'm glad that some classmates had parents to turn to during difficult times in junior high.  Especially in the case of Ruth's death.

However, not all were in that same situation and as one can see from the various comments, each of us, at 13 years of age back then, are still carrying many emotional scars.


09/23/15 08:26 PM #27    

Margo Aldridge

Karel- A piano was given in memory of Ruth at Bingham.

09/23/15 11:52 PM #28    

Karel Kerschenbaum

I think what started this thread was the recent post of Steven Sellars followed by others. Margo, I agree strongly that Ruth and others who should have been in our graduating class be included. I greatly appreciate your letting me and others know about the piano. Sadly, this is the first that I have heard about it for some odd reason. Also sadly, I fear that it is now amongst the havoc within the walls of Bingham. Wonder if others knew about the memoriam, such a lovely and loving tribute. These recent posts were never intended to open wounds. I realize that. They have brought back some of the most horrific memories in our lives. The posts have also been informative to many. Ruthie, you are missed and loved, sweet angel.....

09/24/15 01:39 AM #29    

Karel Kerschenbaum

FYI: Proposed August, 2016 demolition of Bingham providing it survives the current vandalism per internet search. I still see a glimmer of its original beauty as I drive by occasionally.

09/24/15 10:32 AM #30    

Don Peterson

RFP for Bingham demolition in progress.  Sorry to hear it has come to this state.

03/18/18 09:30 PM #31    

Sue Lyddon (Hall)

The website received this message from Ruth's sister on March 17, 2018:  "As the anniversary of Ruth’s murder is approaching, I decided to google her name. I am so touched by the memories you posted about my sweet sister. I was 2 years older than her. There were 6 of us sisters. Her loss left a huge hole in our family. Thank you all for remembering her."  --Edi Shifrin 

03/19/18 05:18 PM #32    

Karel Kerschenbaum

I remembered it was this time of year. Thought about it today even. She will never be forgotten and will always be loved.

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