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Betsy Titterington

Betsy Titterington

Elizabeth (Betsy) Ruth Titterington 67, of Prairie Village, Kansas born June 9, 1951, died August 3, 2018. Memorial service at 10:30 a.m. August 18, 2018 at First Lutheran Church 6400 State Line Road, Mission Hills, Kansas. A reception will follow. Please see website below for full obituary: Cremation Society of Kansas & Missouri,

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08/08/18 11:36 AM #1    

David Garrison

Betsy was one of the many genuinely good people at Southwest. Always a smile, even when she had braces. I  looked up to Betsy, mainly because she was taller than me....  a good friend. This planet could use a lot more like her.

08/09/18 11:39 AM #2    

Laures Simmons

Here is Betsy's extended obituary from her sister Mary Edwards:                                                                        

                                 Elizabeth (Betsy) Ruth Titterington Obituary

 Elizabeth Ruth Titterington was born June 9, 1951 in Kansas City and died after a brief illness with metastatic colon cancer. She is survived by her husband, Reverend Dr. Michael Brecke, stepchildren Anna and Matthew Brecke, four siblings; Dr. Frank W. Titterington III (Barbara), John Ross Titterington (Beth), Mary Frances Titterington Edwards (Doug), Paul Paterson Titterington (Cheryl Dillard), seven nieces and five nephews. She was preceded in death by her twin brother, William, her parents Betty and Frank Titterington, and her sister, Judy Lindsay.

Betsy attended E.F. Swinney and W.C. Bryant grade schools and was a 1969 graduate of Southwest High School in Kansas City. She graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City where she was a member of Chi Omega sorority.

After working for the Kansas City Parks Department and then a job in Palo Alto, California, Betsy found her true passion, that of directing races. She was involved with the Kansas City Marathon, Children’s Mercy Run, Plaza Classic, St. Pat’s Run, Trolley Run and Baptist Medical Center Triathlon, just to name a few.

Another passion of Betsy’s was that of cooking. She received a degree at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, California and co-founded the Culinary Center of Kansas City.

After Betsy’s marriage August 19, 2001, she and Michael moved to Door County, Wisconsin where she taught at the Savory Spoon Cooking School, was a cook at the Clearing Folk School and then became a Cheese Monger.

Upon returning to Kansas City, Betsy joined her sister, Mary and nephew, Paul at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

Betsy had an incredible loving spirit that created much joy and gratitude among those fortunate enough to know her.

Her memorial service will be at 10:30 AM on Saturday, August 18 at First Lutheran Church, 6400 State Line Road, Mission Hills, KS 66208.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to First Lutheran Church or a donation to the Titterington memorial fountain at Central United Methodist Church, 5144 Oak Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64112.


08/09/18 11:45 AM #3    

Laures Simmons

I remember meeting Betsy for the first time in 8th grade at Southwest. She was always one of the most delightful and kind people I have ever met. We went on to UMKC together and also worked at the Girl Scout camp in the Ozarks for two summers together. That second summer she was very ill and had to be hospitalized for some weeks. They found that a valve in her heart had some scar tissue and was harboring bacteria. Thankfully it was then treated with antibiotics and she made a full recovery. I had hoped she would be able to conquer this cancer as quickly. My heart is broken to lose my dear friend, but I am thankful for our friendship all these years.

08/10/18 08:38 AM #4    

Donnie Bowerman

My life was made better because of Betsy. She was a good friend, always fun to be around, always ready with a smile and a cheerful word. She will be missed by many. Walk well, my Sister.

08/10/18 09:45 AM #5    

Andy Weinberg (Linkow)

A fabulous smile that lit up the room. Betsy made each day at Southwest brighter. She was always kind, and a joy to be around. She was so special. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Andy Weinberg Linkow


08/10/18 10:05 AM #6    

Vicki McCanse (Jones)

Betsy was a genuine friend, one of my first real friends from Bryant Elementary. She made every day better for me and for so many others. Later, we walked to SWHS together, ate Chic-o-sticks for lunch together, and had fun in Pep Club together. She started a tradition of giving little “susprizes” for no reason, just to brighten someone's day. Our senior year, we worked in the front office and may or may not have signed ourselves out for lunch to walk to her grandmother’s house nearby. Betsy was fun, imaginative, and caring  

We drifted apart during college and early adulthood. In downsizing recently, I found letters she had written me when I was away at school. So even though we weren’t that close for many years, at least geographically, we maintained our friendship. When she moved back to KC, we were able to pick it right back up. Even when she was so very sick recently, she would text to see how I was doing. Betsy was one of the least self-centered persons I’ve ever known, kind to the core. I’ll miss her sweet, dazzling smile, her enthusiastic comments (”saw-weet”) on FB, and our interactions on Words with Friends. The world is a darker place without her. I miss her so much. 

08/10/18 10:42 PM #7    

Andrew Sackin

Betsy was a kind, caring and intelligent friend through our years at Southwest and after.  Although our paths took us to different cities, we would stay in touch through letters and Christmas Cards.  After Graduate School I moved back to Kansas City for a few years before returning to New York, New York.  Both Betsy and I lived on The Plaza during that time, only one block apart.  Both of us were runners and both loved food.  We would have breakfast together at least once a week.  I then returned to NYC and it was back to letters and Christmas Cards.   We saw one another at our Reunions or when I was home for Christmas or Easter or a family celebration, we would sometimes get together or bunp into one another.  Our conversation would continue mid-sentence where we left off and then time would pass and different cities prevented our weekly breakfasts or getting together for a visit.

Betsy made Our World a better place and the memory of her gererous spirit and kind, caring heart will carry on continuing to help make our Crazy World a bit more sane!  It was a privilege to call Betsy my friend!

08/12/18 09:58 AM #8    

Barbara Rush (Harrison)

Betsy was one of the first persons I knew at Southwest because my mother introduced us at Camp Oakledge the summer before we started our freshman year. She was always a good friend to me and I was very sorry to hear about her passing. My prayers go to her family and friends in their loss.  

08/13/18 03:51 PM #9    

Diane Mims (Ring)

Betsy and I had a chance meeting in the nursery at St. Luke's Hospital in June of 1951 and reconnected when we began our time at Southwest.  She had such positivity and kindness of heart that made her a friend to all.  We shared after school time, camp experiences, and a trip to Europe together in our early years.  We were separated by distance after college but that never stood in the way of our lifelong friendship.  I am a better person for having known and loved Betsy Titterington.  Thank you BT for so many good times!

08/13/18 07:23 PM #10    

Jane Nichols

I think everyone who knew Betsy loved her... I know I did. Such a gentle, fun-loving soul. We are all so blessed to have known her. I am so sorry for her family and all of us who loved her not to have her so very close. This is so very sad to say goodbye to her on this plane. I know she is ony a thought away- we are going to be keeping her very busy as we connect with her in prayer or with quick memory or just sending her love. All the best Betsy as you continue on.  love you    jane

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