In Memory

Linda Thatcher

My friend, Linda Thatcher, died in Boston about 10 years ago. It is still hard for me to believe and accept. Linda was talented in just about everything except sports. She was creative, energetic, and fun to be with. We got in lots of trouble together, including putting tacks on Louis Selvey's chair. Great memories. Nancy Reddoch Barohn

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11/17/08 10:56 PM #1    

Molly Magilow (Proffer)

Linda was brilliant, funny, cynical and unique at an age when being different was under-appreciated. A small group of us spent many weekend nights in junior high at her house, thinking up ways to entertain ourselves. One night we whipped up a batch of LBJ's, Little Bundles of Joy, which were "cookies" including just about every spice and condiment in the kitchen. Our plan: offer them to unsuspecting people at school on Monday. Reality: we couldn't go through with it. Adolescence wouldn't have been the same without Linda. What a loss.

02/07/09 10:26 PM #2    

Mary Wood (Blair)

To learn that a childhood friend is gone creates a melancholy deluge of memories. How? When? Why? I met Linda on the first day of brownie camp when she knowingly gave me poison ivy for my leaf book. Once the rash cleared up, we were steadfast pals. Linda, Molly, Nancy and I spent our Bingham and Southwest years talking and laughing about nothing and everything. It is the soundtrack of my life. To me, Linda seemed fearless. As I reflect these decades later, I know she must have been as insecure and anxious as the rest of us, but to me, she was powerful and ferocious. Although we hadn't spoken in thirty-some years, knowing that she is gone has left me unspeakably sad.

07/23/09 05:19 PM #3    

Darrell Panethiere

Yes, Molly, you said it all: "Linda was brilliant." Still after 40 years she strikes me as the most brilliant person I've ever met.

I remember Mr Selvey sending her and me to the principal's office, where we awaited Coach Kipp, after I had been so unwise - and stupid - as to play along with one of her pranks. She seemed used to the experience, but it was a first for me! Still, how could you resist the force of her personality? She was, and is, totally unforgettable.

08/02/09 09:00 PM #4    

Deborah Achtenberg

I miss Linda. She was so smart, so creative, so good at making things happen. Plus, she had a heart, and felt things deeply. She had a big impact on me, and on most people she knew. I really miss her. --Deborah

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