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Bruce Siess

Bruce Siess

Bruce passed away about 5 years ago, reportedly from an accident vs. suicide (conflicting reports received by Webmaster). 

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11/15/08 10:47 PM #1    

Morrie Goodman

Burce's death was accidental. He was a wonderful person who loved and cherished his three children and was a great father. His son Michael is an attorney. His other son Marcus is an IT specialist and his daughter Stacy is married with two children. He was a great friend. We did everything together: boy scouts and boy scout camp, working at Bakers Shoes even scuba diving at 15 years old with the old Mike Nelson double hose regulators, floundering in the reeds of lakes. It's a wonder we didn't get bitten by snakes or drown.. We had complete sets of scuba gear - even spear guns, which we never used on a fish - just targets nailed to trees. But we looked cool in our wet suits. I remember Bruce went with me to my family reunion in Denver when we were 14. We convinced our parents to let us go off on our own for three days and took a bus to Estes Park, CO. We rented horses for a day and rode all through the hills. (no, no Brokeback Mountain scene thank you) That night we took a cab from the hotel to a bar in town. The bartender let us order a pitcher of beer and as soon as we paid, he took it away and made us leave because we were under age. As we were leaving I heard the bartender's friend yell out thanking us for the free pitcher. He really busted my ---- over that. We took the bus to downtown K.C. so many times on Saturdays and always went to the pawn shops to look at the guns, knives and guitars and always went to this little magic shop that had so many cool things. We had so many great times. We did so many things together...neighborhood football and basketball in his driveway. We rented a ski boat at Lake of the Ozarks and the guy we rented the boat from told us that the motor was so big and heavy for the size of the boat that both of us shouldn't be in the stern together or the boat might sink. Well of course we ended up back there together to try to get the motor started. We were in the middle of the lake and I said, "hey Bruce, I think we're in trouble." The water was up to our ankes and then our knees and then we were swimming and the boat was on the bottom. I don't know why but as we were swimming to shore we were laughing so hard I thought I would drown. Needless to say we lost our hundred dollar deposit. I was the trouble maker and was always getting us in trouble. I think his mom shivered every time I walked in the door. Oh yea, we were orderlies together at Baptist Memorial Hospital and we played this little game. One of us would lay on a cart with a sheet over our head. The other pushed the cart into the elevator. We had a signal like a fake cough or sneeze when someone got on the elevator with us and that would signal the one on the cart to quickly sit up. One time there was a nurse holding a tray full of urine samples on the elevator with us. Bruce coughed and I bolted upright. Those samples went flying. It was not a pretty sight but we almost busted ribs laughing. I could go on and on and on. Still can't believe he's gone. I think of him all the time.

08/14/09 10:29 AM #2    

Linda Feder (Goldstein)

I was Bruce's cousin. Bruce was a kind loving father whose death was accidental and so premature. His children have grown up to be wonderfully successful and are now having children of their own.

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