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Bryce Vermillion

Bryce was killed in a car accident on Ward Parkway while we were still at Southwest.  He was very popular and his passing was mourned by many.

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11/02/08 06:37 PM #1    

Vicki Hermann (Mayea)

I think Bryce was killed in a car accident when we were still in high school.

11/14/08 06:44 AM #2    

Marcia Doubleday (Seheult)

Bryce was my next door neighbor. He was killed in a car accident on Saturday, January 14, 1967.

12/16/08 12:30 PM #3    

Andrew Sackin

We had a great time hanging out on weekends.
I remember so clearly the weekend that the
accident happened and how much Bryce was missed the following weekends....
Many years have passed and they were taken from Bryce.
You will be in our thoughts and prayers. I know you will
be there in spirit.
Andrew Sackin

01/19/09 02:04 PM #4    

Chris Mahley

Bryce was such a nice guy. Seemed friendly to all. I was looking forward to his friendship in HS and beyond.

I think of his passing so often when I go by the turn-off at 78th and WP. Oddly enough, I specifically thought of him when I got rear ended by an elderly lady at 79th and WP, southbound. I was in a pickup, working for Rosehill Gardens, summer before soph. yr of college. Still have neck issues once in a while; but in those days, never thought anything of it. Way too close to Bryce's crash site! At least my accident in Hubbell's 396 was much further north. Way too many scares/heartaches along WP! Then - two weeks - ago my son totals his car at State Line and Tomahawk. Fortunately, miraculously nobody hurt.

From Bryce's parent's perspective (that I now can see clearly), I can hardly imagine the agony - as it's one of my biggest fears - being preceded in death by a child.

Chris Mahley

07/24/09 01:49 PM #5    

Rick Scheidt

He was my best friend. It took along time to heal after his death. I had to work the day he died, I will never forget getting off work at henhouse food market and drove by a wreck that had a lettermans jacket over a body. Didn't find out it was Bryce till the next morning, a family member of the vermillion's called. For a long time after I keep beating myself up for not stopping at the accident.

08/21/09 03:12 AM #6    

Laurie Snedden

I knew Bryce in the 9th grade and remember him as handsome and jovial. He was close to Jay Whitmore and we did a lot of things together on the Plaza with my best friend Julie Ungerman. The night Bryce died my brother woke me saying there had been an accident on Ward Parkway and that some boys from school were in the car. I learned the next morning that Bryce was dead. I remember his funeral was packed and the minister claimed it was “God's Will”, which seemed preposterous to me.

02/10/11 03:39 PM #7    

David Garrison

Yes, I agree with Laurie Sneddon wholeheartedly on her "preposterous" statement. I knew Bryce very well from German class. Both Bryce and Paul Shaw (another person in that car at the time) were in Audrey Bodner's class. A very sad day and I remember Mrs Bodner crying because EVERYONE loved Bryce. He was just a good guy all the way around. My first real encounter with death being part of life.

02/27/18 12:39 PM #8    

Donnie Bowerman

Me, too, Laurie and Dave. I want no part of a belief system that some divine or cosmic entity decides “Game over, time’s up.” It was an accident. They happen. Every day. Everywhere. This one claimed Bryce. We lost a great fellow from our class.

02/27/18 03:41 PM #9    

Pamela Rogozenski (Rosenberg)

So many, so sad! You know you are older when your classmates pass. After reading about the last two my mind takes me back to Bryce and Ed Storm. We were so young.  More angels in heaven to watch over.  Love to all the families.


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