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Rod Brody

I made some inquiries with contacts in the KCKS Police and confirmed that Rod was shot and killed on December 30, 1997, at convenience store where he had bought some gas and was returning to his car. The killer, who does not merit mentioning here by name, had shot and killed a store clerk at another Kansas City, KS, convenience store just two days earlier. He was caught in KCMO five days later and returned to Wyandotte County for trial. He received 25 years hard time for the murders and another 89 months for aggravated robbery. Interestingly, his attorneys appealed four years later over several technical issues, the most significant being that the killer was denied due process because several blacks were dismissed during jury selections. The case went to the Kansas Supreme Court, but the trial court's decisions regarding the issues raised in the appeal were affirmed...and Rod's killer is still in Lansing.

--Don Bowerman

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10/19/08 06:04 PM #1    

Rodney Sampson

Rodney Brody, 47, a customer at a Citgo convenience store at 3200 State Avenue, in Kansas City, Kansas, died on New Year's Eve from gunshot wounds. Three witnesses said Brody struggled for his wallet with an armed robber who then shot Brody in the head.

According to police, Mr. Brody's killer was Gentry E. Bolton, age 19. When the Kansas City Star went to press New Year's Day, Bolton was still at large.

04/05/09 01:45 PM #2    

Robert Gold

What a sad loss. I was at the family home for the post funeral gathering and there everyone recalled the good times in his life as well as the football player that he was. He struggeled in life but was a precious, kind and caring human being which was who he was and as we all remembered him to be back in school too. I've got to say it again but another I think of when driving by the school.

03/30/10 09:43 AM #3    

Donnie Bowerman

A little bird told me a story the other day, Rod. I was wondering whether, knowing your current situation, if present reflection might result in past reconsideration? Do-Overs are so wonderful, aren't they? Too bad that a lot of people usually miss or do not take that opportunity before it's too late. "You know what I mean, Bert?"

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