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Linda Baber

Linda Baber

Linda Kay Baber - 1974  "On January 31, 1974, the bodies of Terry C. Ott and Linda Kay Baber were discovered by Sherry and two other friends under a pile of canvas awnings in the basement of her home (6130 Cherry). Terry C. Ott and Linda Kay Baber, who had been living together, were last seen alive on the morning of January 2, 1974. A forensic pathologist, who had performed autopsies upon the bodies of the victims, rendered an opinion that the two victims had been dead approximately "a month" when their bodies were discovered."

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07/26/09 11:21 PM #1    

Roseanne Hughes/Craddick

As I recall, it was in the mid 70's - the bodies of Linda and male companion were found in the basement of a vacant house in the Waldo/Brookside area..... some guy was arrested for the murders soon after...... Roseanne Craddick

06/17/13 10:33 AM #2    

Denise Fitch (Remington)

On February 6, 1974, DAVID S. FRANCO, appellant was charged in a two-count indictment with conventional murder in the first degree of Terry C. Ott and Linda Kay Baber. Appellant's trial began on July 15, 1974. On July 19, 1974, a jury found him guilty under both counts of the indictment of the lesser included offense of murder, second degree. In view of the jury's inability to agree upon his punishment, the court sentenced him to confinement in the Missouri Department of Corrections for a term of twenty-five years on each count and ordered said sentences to run consecutively.

09/12/14 04:23 PM #3    

Bob Levitt

I can shed a little more light on Linda.  Her murder case wound up in my Dad's courtroom.  She passed away January 2, 1974.  It was a case of a drug deal gone bad, with her boyfriend being the drug dealer.  Linda was shot to death and her body was found about a month later.  The individual charged with the crime was convicted of second degree murder, and thereafter received two consecutive twenty-five year terms.  Though the evidence was largely circumstantial, there was an abundance of it and the conviction was upheld on appeal.

09/13/14 03:23 PM #4    

Platt Hubbell

Last place we saw Linda alive?  New Year's Eve at 6505 Stateline. Bobby Willitts house.  A little embarrassing for the Willitts as Bob Sr was police commissioner at the time. I also recall that Ronnie Palermo's little brother pulled the trigger. Sad times!

09/14/14 01:14 AM #5    

Platt Hubbell

Ok, Trave with his apparently flawless memory has enlighten me on the facts. David Falko , Palermo's brother-in-law, killed them both. After release from prison he went to work for HUD, stole 160,000.0 them and received a one-year sentence for his efforts. Evidently, sometimes crime does pay! He later moved to the Ozarks and while breaking into to a someone's home managed to cut his arm enough to bleed to death. I stand corrected.

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