In Memory

Richard Jacoby

Richard Jacoby

Lynne Brewer (Puetz) wrote:

Jake and I go to know each other at the pool one summer. We dated off and on for a while and parted as friends.  He was one of the faces I had hoped to see at a reunion. Rest In Peace. The world has lost a good guy.


Alice Jacks (Achtenberg) wrote:

David and I saw Richard and his wife at Coach Kip's visitation this winter.  He was a really fine lawyer and a truly honorable man.  He assisted someone's son we knew who had done some stupid things , no harm but dumb.   Jake was able to guide this young man and help him get out of trouble.  Based in part from Jake's reaction and help, this young man is now also a lawyer.  He will be fondly remembered by all of us and a big loss to the community.