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Jo Ann Cohn (Cook)

After graduating from Southwest High School, JoAnn married her husband, Mark Cook, on November 7, 1969. She then gave birth to her first child, Eric Scott Cook on November 28, 1970. She gave birth to her second child, Stacey Lynn Cook on December 20, 1976. JoAnn, her husband, father, and step-mother travelled to Israel when her son was five years old. JoAnn did not work after having her children. She was always taught that the women stay home and care for the children while the husband worked for the family. JoAnn and Mark both helped to run her father's liquor, "Lucky Strike Market" on 39th and Woodland for years. She worked in a small daycare center part-time up the street from her home. She also volunteered at the Beth Shalom Preschool and synagoge once her children began attending preshool. Once her children reached school age she began volunteering at the Hymand Brand Hebrew Acadmey Hebrew Day School in the cafeteria and at the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy Thrift Store up until our family moved to Denver, Colorado in 1986. Upon moving to Denver, Colorado she began working at the synagogue in the preschool and daycare where she stayed for almost fifteen years and decided to quit. She also became a Kindergarten teacher teaching hebrew school twice a week, as well as, running the Shabbat program on Saturdays at the synagogue. Even though she stopped working at the daycare she kept busy helping her husband with his crazy trucking company that was growing. JoAnn discovered that her daughers high school had a Child Developement Center and Infant/Toddler Center that cared for the parents teachers, as well as, teaching high school students about Child Development. JoAnn loved working at her daughters high school and she remained for seven years. JoAnn loved her children and her babies. Children were her life. She always had children all over her, they loved her. In August of 2005 JoAnn found out that she had developed Uterine Cancer. But, that did not stop her. She would go to Chemo twice a week in the morning and go to her babies after and work her regular 8-10 hour shift. Eventually, she became very ill with what we thought was bronchitis, but we soon found out that it was actually the cancer that had spread into her lungs and the chemo was not really working. The pea size little tumors she had that we thought the chemo was getting rid of had actually developed into olive shaped tumors. So, she had to give up working with her babies everyday and could no longer teach hebrew school. She fought for a very long time fighting the Cancer. She eventually lost her battle and passed away on Saturday, April 7, 2006 in Denver, Colorado. She had planned for several years to move to Kansas City, but she never got a chance to make her dying destination.  Joann is survived by her son Eric, her daughter Stacey and her husband of 36 years Mark Cook.

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02/23/09 03:26 AM #1    

Stacey Cook

My mother JoAnn was the most wonderful person in the world. She married my father right after she graduated from Southwest. A year later she gave birth to my Big brother Eric. Then, in 1976 she gave birth to her miracle baby, me Stacey Lynn after doctors told that she could not have anymore children. My mother went to Israel twice in her lifetime. She was dedicated to the lifes of young children and Jewish religion. She worked at the Hymand Brand Hebrew Academy Cafteria once we began school and volunteered alot at the Thrift Store. When we moved to Colorado she began working at the synagogue in the preschool where she remained for almost fifteen years. Then, she began working at the child care center in my high school and began teaching religious school. She touched many children's lives and was an inspiration to many lives. If you knew my mother or even remember her, feel free to leave a message. I always wondered what she was like in those young years of her life. Well, at least somewhat because Sandy (Freidman) Krisztal and Denise (Fitch) Remington have given me some ideas. Thanks

02/23/09 03:47 AM #2    

Stacey Cook

This is a very sad reunion for myself because I remember the scrapbook created from the last reunion. My mother was noted as being the only student in the class as being married the longest to the same man. When she passed away her and my father were married for 37 strong years!!! Now, she is listed amongest the others being remembered!!! She said, "In high school I did not get included in much because I stayed to I am something in my reunion scrap book thirty-five years later!!!..."

02/23/09 08:53 PM #3    

Stacey Cook

If anyone remember JoAnn Cohn at all, please leave me a message.

03/21/09 11:27 PM #4    

Chris Mahley

Hi Stacey,

My condolences of your Mom's passing. We didn't go to grade school together, but she was in a number of my classes. What I remember about her was her smile - not just of her mouth, but it radiated up to her eyes as well. She was a very nice person and she made me smile back to her, but we didn't talk much.

Remember the song, "When your smiling...the whole world smiles with you..."? I hope you - and all she touched - have wonderful smiles too.

Chris Mahley

04/23/09 11:30 PM #5    

Annie Maas (Walters)

Stacey - I remember your mom. I'm not sure if we actually had any classes together but we were friends. I'm sorry to hear of her passing. I live in Colorado Springs. We've been here since '73. I just lost my mom in February of this year. It a hard time to get through. Hang in there and write back if you'd like.

08/03/09 03:39 PM #6    

Donnie Bowerman


I knew your mother in high school, but our paths also crossed on an infrequent basis at the family store. It was right on the boundary line between Central and Metro Patrol Districts for KCPD. I worked in Central Patrol and would stop in on occasion, though sometimes it was actually "business." Jo Ann was a great lady and I am sure you miss condolences to your family.

08/06/09 08:30 PM #7    

Steve Sharp

Hi Stacey,

I remember your mom from grade school. John Motley, Billy Cotton and I teased the girls in grade school all the time. Your mom would tease us right back. She really like to have fun, and was always kind and thoughful. I am glad that I got to be a part of her life while we growing up.

I am very sorry for your loss.

Steve Sharp

08/08/09 07:59 PM #8    

Christi Carver (Tatum)

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your Mother was beautiful both
inside and out. She was always very happy and smiling.
I loved to talk to her, she was so sweet.I hope that you
will be proud that you had such a special Mother that
was loved by everyone she met.
Love, Christi Carver Tatum

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