In Memory

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor, who recently became a guest member, is well remembered by Hale Cook and Bingham Jr. High students. He was quiet, handsome, and smart. He ended up in the Ruskin School Distict in the Kansas City area after Bingham. Unfortunately, it is very unhappy news that on his page on this site there is a note that he passed away in Florida, where he lived, in August 2018. His relatives posted a note to donate his mementoes from Hale Cook and Bingham. I don't think many people have seen his page here. Jim Bernard has responded to the note. There doesn't seem to be info on the internet about his surviving relatives or cause of death. I know he left a wife. grown children, and grandchildren. The funeral home has no other info listed (Jacksonville Beach, FL). He was an engineer. I know it is very sad to hear this while the reunion is in the near future. Condolences to all who admired him like i did. --Submitted by Denise Schwartz

Here is a link to his obituary: