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David Morton, of Prairie Village, Kansas, died September 27, 2011. Morton had dual careers in education and broadcasting for 40 years. He worked in several newsrooms and was broadcast editor at the Kansas City Business Journal. He also taught in the Kansas City, Missouri, School District, 22 years of which were spent teaching Social Studies and Political Science at Southwest High School.

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Donnie Bowerman

I learned today, September 29, 2011, that Dave passed away two days ago. This is what I wrote then...

Mr. Dave Morton was one of the finest teachers I was ever privileged to have.  He was specifically one of four at Southwest High School who made my two-year journey there memorable and enlightening.  Because of my Canadian roots, he called me "Quebec Jacque" in a political science course he taught our senior year in 1969.  Stacy Lee and Frank Swyden were in that same class and I can clearly remember the fun he had with them, as well.  His ribbing was for laughs, and there was a lot of that in his classes.  It is said that good teachers teach; great teachers demonstrate; and superior teachers inspire. I think Dave was all three in one.  

Years later, after graduation, while I was working with the KCPD, our paths crossed a few times and it seems the years apart had changed our relationship from that of former teacher/student to one of old friends, two fellows who had shared a part of life together for a time and for whom each had an appreciation for the impact the other had had on his life. I shall miss Mr. Dave Morton, but I appreciate that I was honored to have learned a bit about life from him. 

His face is extremely clear in my mind's eye at this moment, as if I was standing in the hall right outside his fourth floor classroom at this very moment.  He is sitting at one of those large old wooden school desks and he has that Cheshire Cat grin on his face as I enter the room one more time.  I would physically like to be able to do that right now, but maybe someday in another part of my own journey, I will turn a corner and walk into another classroom, and I will see him waiting. Dave will be drumming his fingers on that old desk, indicating I'm late...again, and he will surely ask me 'if I have my excuse slip from THE Head Office...'

Walk well, my Brother. Inuit Prayer

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