Our Senior Will

The Senior Will!!


Nancie Thomas wills her steel wool hair to anyone who needs it.  Marli Yeo wills all her parking tickets to anyone who can remember to pay them.  Phil Mabry leaves the mirror in Room 326 to Eric Melgaard.  Judy Ozar leaves her size to Ingrid Sarapuu.  Jay Grose leaves his English accent to anyone who can master it.  Nick Zemcusnikov leaves his last name to anyone who can spell it.  Sandra Katz and Marcia Doubleday leave their two 8 x 10's of Mr. Campbell to Terry Greenberg, and Barbara Hauschildt.  Butch Phillips leaves his tow truck to anyone man enough to drive it.  Marji Yeo leaves to Nancy Kelly a one year's supply of nutriment.  Vince DePalmermo wills his good looks and charm to anyone who will have them.  Libby Curts leaves her pile of 200 Absence excuse Cards to her cousin John Pihlbald who'll have the car all of the time now.  Denise Mallory Schwartz leaves her battery-powered middle name to Mallory McDonald.  John Thomson leaves to Southwest High School the muffler from his '57 Chevy and all the noise that goes with it.  Rod Brody leaves 17 cans of white shoe polish to Steve Kase.  Elisa Borenstein wills her key to the cage, broom, and "no bottles" signto next year's stage manager, Gary Sanders.  Patti Ronai wills her skinny legs to Nancy Kelly.  Tom Morgan leaves for Texas where he hopes to become the Marlboro Man.  Bill Rainen lwills a lifetime picture of himself to the TRAIL.  Molly Magilow leaves her stubby thumbs to Amy Sauer.  Susan Montgomery leaves a matched set of cookbooks to any junior girl who has never taken homemaking.  Alan McDermott leaves the short parts to Howie Hall.  The second hour bridge club leave their cards to next year's second hour study hall.  Larry Renfro leaves his diving ability to Lane Sayles.  Renee Handy bequeaths her orange carry-all brief-case to anyone else with a predominantly red wardrobe.  The Excalibur is left to anyone who is man enough to lift it.  Betsy Glover leaves her Mary-Jane shoes to Nancy Doyle.  Mark Wheeler leaves his purity and noble deeds to anyone worthy.  Valerie Howard leaves her slumber parties to any brave girl in the junior class.  Julius Levitch leaves his book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" to Betsy Baker.  Jan Browne leaves her title of "red dog" to Christie Besheer for the coming years at Southwest.  Bob Bruegging leaves his honest to Robin Gifford, if he wants it.  Nina Rice leaves her "Mister Peanut" band uniform to anyone with nerve enough to wear it.  Jim Edson wills his saddle oxfords to those students who like to be inconspicuous.  Sue Lyddon leaves Chuck Champion to the safekeeping of Patty Jenkins.   (Editor's Note:  Boy, was that a mistake!!  They ended up getting married!)  Jeff Selsor leaves cross-country to all future milers with the hope that it will pay off in the long run.  Alice Hawkins leaves her batting ability in a softball game to anyone else who can strike out every time.  Rick Baumgarten leaves his handwriting to any person who can read it.  Kim Besheer leaves with a big "Ark, ark ark!"  Claire Tuckness and Alice Jacks leave their brilliant chemistry minds to Mr. Gustafson fur further experimentation.  Rod Brody and Rich Prezebel leave their trail down the cobblestone road to the end of the rainbow to Robin Gifford and Roland Cox.  Sherry Horn leaves her campaign posters to the League for Decemcy.  George Vedros leaves his football ability to next year's team.  Elaine Bratt wills her ability to break things in chemistry to Joe Hellerstein.  Bill Lundergan leaves Patti at SW Missouri State to his brother, Steve.  Kathy Vrentas leaves a boat that doesn't fit through the auditorium doors to all the other lit societies.  Kim Sprinkle leaves her eyelashes to next year's Homecoming Queen.  Linda Ellis wills King Arthur's tree to Mrs. O'Malley.  Bill Brimacombe leaves his KU T-shirt to Ted Sykes so he can have his own.  Carole Fogel gives Ted Sykes back to the juior girls.  John R. Motley leaves his unicycle and $14.98 coonskin hat to Ruby Newman.  Roberta Davis leaves her red hair to the fire department.  Duncan McInnes leaves his flashy golf duds to Howie Hall.  Debbi Clark leaves her Pem-Day student directory to Ann Coburn, and wishes her the best of luck.  Roland Sabates leaves Steve Kase his titles along with his good looks and swimming talent.  Anita Eddy leaves her basement to Peggy for next year's publicity staffs.  Bob Vandever leaves his magic soccer shoes to Gary Vickers.  Bev Ward and Debbie Welborn leave Wentworth to any junior girl who will have it.  Dave Owens leaves a plane ticket to Hawaii to anyone who doesn't want to be on the tennis team anyway.  Mary Jane McCandless wills her great ability as a swimmer to her younger sister Barbara.  Bruce Graham leaves his wrestling ability to Christi Wells.  Carol Burnett leaves her nameto the Southwest Hall of Fame.  Larry Oliver leaves his completely unused physics workbook to Gary Rubin with the hope that he will make better use of it.  Mike Solomons wills his zero hour to anyone crazy enough to take it.  Arlene Saper leaves a place in next year's operetta for Denise Griffith.  Rick Bowen leaves his unused basketball shoes to Coach Mo.  Jane Nichols leaves Roger Rowan to his mother.  Bob Levitt, Tom Levinson, Whitney Sunderland, Greg Michalson, Susan Fink, Susan Montgomery, Carrie Eager, Betsy Brown, Nan Chisholm, Vicki Cover, Diane Lockwood, and Diane Claussen leave 5th year Spanish.

We, the graduating seniors of Southwest High school, class of 1969, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do declare this to be our last Will and Testament, and do hereby revoke any and all former wills thereto by us at anytime made.