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Southwest High School
Class Of 1969

 Welcome to the Southwest High School of Kansas City, Missouri Class Of 1969 web site!  


If you have any news about people in the Class, please email the Webmaster!


To Each of You in the Class of 1969 and others, before and after: You may or may not remember me, but I'm Carder Manning's stepdaughter. He passed away today at 2:20 on May 30th... He was such a wonderful part of my life, as I know he was to so many of you. He LOVED attending your reunion - you each made him feel so special. I can not thank you enough for your kind thoughts, cards and memories to him when I contacted you earlier. He appreciated SO MUCH every note and thought you sent his way... Bless his heart, he was so fun and funny and thought so much of each of you. He is watching down from above, as you travel through the road of life. Thanks, again, for your time and thoughts to make him smile. God needed an Angel Choir director, he could not have found anyone better than Carder. Linda Fleetwood (


Our 45th Reunion was another great event!

Thanks to everyone who attended, all 180 of you!!!  Excellent turnout, and we were happy to have some of our very best friends and Classmates show up at the door as well as guests from other classes! 


If anyone has pictures to submit for our galleries, especially if they are those fantastic ones from the photo booth, please send them in.  Taking a chance here, but send them to Pete Klammer ( as he has been the Master Photo Organizer and Slide Show Producer (wasn't it wonderful???).  He can get them loaded onto the website for us. 


There are so many people to thank for making our 45th a spectacular weekend full of renewals of friendships:  Molly Magilow who chaired the Reunion; Steve Kanaga and Mike Ward who organized the Border Star events, Margo Aldridge who was the champion for the Bingham events, Mike Ward for taking responsibility for the Golf Tournament in honor of Rick Bowen, Chris Mahley who planned the Family Picnic in Loose Park, everyone on the Reunion Committee, our 40 generous donors, and Paul Hulsey who donated his and his band's time.  Platinum Express rocked the house and a rollicking good time was had by all!!!

Get set for our Diamond Jubilee in 2019...only five short years until we reconvene.  EVERYONE from near AND far should plan to attend!!!!!   That includes YOU, Wiley Mitchell, Chris Cooper, Carl Noback and other assorted Classmates who are sorely missed!


Have fun with this performance of the iconic song by the Beatles in 1964:  "Kansas City!!!"  And be sure to come on back to Kansas City for our next reunion!

June, 2013:  A sighting of Wylie Mitchell (left), with his wife Barbara and Alan McDermott(right) at a Reunion...their 40th College Reunion!  Wylie lives in Maine; we've got to get him back to KC for our next SWHS Reunion!!


Please continue to submit “happenings” and “updates” through the link provided on the homepage of the website. 

Our 40th Reunion was held in August, 2009.

It was a huge success!  More than 250 people gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the day we graduated from SWHS!  Old friends reconnected and a lot of new friends were made. 

If you want to expand your connections to other SWHS grads, try these links:

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a group of female grads who get together periodically to network and schmooze!

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Slide Album: Previous Reunion

Watch our fabulously entertaining video from 2009 one more time just for fun!  It's priceless! 

 A million thanks to Molly Magilow Proffer and her team at Proffer Productions for producing this awesome video! 

Music:  Take a time travel trip backwards by viewing our collection of youtube video clips of favorites from the 60's.  Go to 60's Music:  Soul or 60's Music: Pop/Rock for your viewing pleasure.  As far as music while you surf the site, time for something new (or old, as the case may be...):  Classical.

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If you want to hear the music as you surf the site, click "pop-out player" and it will continue.  If you want to turn it off so you can watch the video, click on the "ll" button just above "Title."


Still More Photos !

Here are some PicasaWeb albums, with a total of 377 photos(!) unedited ... = SWHS'69 40th 8/21 school building tour = SWHS'69 40th 8/21 Charlie Hooper's = SWHS'69 40th 8/21 Roasterie = SWHS'69 40th 8/22 Nancy Reddoch Barohn brunch = SWHS'69 40th 8/22 Webster House entrance = SWHS'69 40th 8/22 Webster House inside

Please let me know if any editing; or if you wish to add captions or names. I have full-resolution originals to share, too.

Best Hopes,
Pete Klammer



Darlene Goggin  12/14
Nancie Thomas  12/16
Stacey Cook  12/20
Gloria Shaw (Azorsky)  12/20
James Wood  12/20
Brett Davis  12/22
Stephanie P Ledgin  12/23
Anthony Loudis  12/23
Sandra Katz  12/26
Denise Schwartz  12/27
Bruce Brower  12/28
Rodney Sampson  12/29
Janis Browne (Fuller)  12/30
Annette Coroneos  12/30
Dan Gower  12/30
Paul Hulsey  12/31
Wanda Lowe (Correll)  12/31
Nan Chisholm  1/2
Darrell Panethiere  1/2
Robert Gold  1/4
Jay Barrington  1/10
Debbie Clark (Shaw)  1/11

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